Horlick Field 100 Nominee: Nash Motors vs. Horlick Racine Football Game

Newspaper Ad For First Ever Event At Horlick Athletic Field

Advertisement from the October 18, 1919, Racine Journal-News for the first game to ever be played at Horlick Athletic Field.

The afternoon edition of the October 18, 1919, Racine Journal-News announced that William Horlick, Sr. purchased W.I. League Park, along with the land to the west of the park, and it would be called Horlick Athletic Field. The very next day, the Horlick Racine football team met Nash Motors of Kenosha on the gridiron for the first known event at Horlick Athletic Field.

Many said the matchup would be the best of the year and over 200 fans were expected to join the Kenosha team on the North Shore electric cars to the game. Unfortunately for the 800 fans that ended up watching the game, it wasn’t much of a contest as the Horlicks went on to win 39-0. The ball was consistently on the Nash Motors side of the field all game with a brief exception in the third quarter.

Fred Heinisch scored two touchdowns in the game and “Happy” Waisinick kicked three point-after attempts in four chances. Mike Boldus scored the first touchdown for the Racine crew in the first quarter and Sorenson was the most consistent ground gainer and scored a touchdown on a difficult forward pass. Carl Hauser and Stellberg each added touchdowns in the game for Racine.

Newspaper Headline Announcing Horlick Racine Victory over Nash Motors

Headline from the afternoon edition of the October 19, 1919, Racine Journal-News announcing that Horlick Racine beat Nash Motors of Kenosha in the first game ever played at Horlick Athletic Field.

The lineup for the Nash Motors team was:

  • Frederick, right end
  • Opie (formerly of Michigan), right tackle
  • Briner, right guard
  • Peterson, Jefferys, center
  • Schelly, Jefferys, left guard
  • Clauson, Dodgers, left tackle
  • Westburg (Madison University), left end
  • Joe Verricks, Dodgers, Soenberg (Great Lakes), fullback

In addition, the Kenosha squad had Haneur at halfback, C. Verricks at quarterback, Miller at end, Gulbreson at center, and Bourdallis at tackle.

The Racine squad consisted of team captain Carl Hauser and the following players:

  • C. Heinisch
  • F. Heinisch
  • Hermanson
  • O. Hegeman
  • F. Hegeman
  • “Happy” Wasinick
  • Stellberg
  • Christensen
  • Kitzinger
  • Zimprich
  • Eckland
  • Suhr
  • Hodges
  • Mike Boldus
  • Whitey Sorenson
  • Ralph Smith


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