Horlick 100

William Horlick Buys W-I League Park.

From the afternoon edition of the Racine Journal-News on October 18, 1919.

The recreation area at the corner of North Memorial Drive and High Streets has gone by several names since the late-1800’s. In 1907, it was called North Side City League Park. Later it would become Wisconsin-Illinois League Field, named after the league a local baseball team participated in. In 1919, the park took on the name of Horlick Athletic Field, named for the man that originally donated the land, William Horlick. The name has remained for nearly 100 years now.

The first known game to be played at Horlick Athletic Field was a football game between the Racine Horlicks and the Nash Motors (Kenosha). The Horlicks easily handled the Kenosha squad, 39-0.

Historic Horlick Athletic Field has provided the community with hundreds of memorable moments in the past 100 years. We want to hear your favorite moments at Historic Horlick Athletic Field as we look to put together our Horlick 100 – the top 100 events, people, or moments in the history of Historic Horlick Athletic Field.

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